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Installing turbinado

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This is a how to for all that want to install turbinado on a fresh Ubuntu server 8.10 with OpenSSH Server selected.

First get your distribution into a current state:

sudo su
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Install needed packages:

apt-get install libedit-dev darcs git-core libgmp3-dev zlib1g-dev postgresql postgresql-server-dev-8.3 happy make libffi-dev

Install the current 6.10.1 version of ghc, the version of the package system is currently still 6.8.2

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://haskell.org/ghc/dist/6.10.1/ghc-6.10.1-i386-unknown-linux-libedit2.tar.bz2
tar xjvf ghc-6.10.1-i386-unknown-linux-libedit2.tar.bz2
cd ghc-6.10.1
make install

The next step is to install cabal:

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://www.haskell.org/cabal/release/cabal-
tar xzvf Cabal-
cd Cabal-
ghc --make Setup
./Setup configure
./Setup build
sudo ./Setup install

Now install the helpfull cabal-install tool, which is a package management for haskell libraries.

We can install the latest version from darcs:

cd /usr/local/src
darcs get --partial http://darcs.haskell.org/cabal-install/
cd cabal-install
sh bootstrap.sh

Or install the tar package:

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://www.haskell.org/cabal/release/cabal-install-0.6.2/cabal-install-0.6.2.tar.gz
tar xzvf cabal-install-0.6.2.tar.gz
cd cabal-install-0.6.2
sh bootstrap.sh

Because we installed all packages to our home directory, we have to add this directory to our environment, we can do this by adding the path as follows:

vim /etc/environment
–> Add youre local bin path and reload the path (we have to reboot anyway because of previous kernel upgrades)
I had to add the following path: /root/.cabal/bin/


echo "export PATH=$PATH: /root/.cabal/bin/" >> ~/.bashrc

Now we can use cabal to install libraries, but first we have to update cabal.

cabal update

Because of some problems with the cabal crypt package I had to build the crypt package directly from the repository:

cd /usr/local/src
darcs get http://code.haskell.org/crypto
cd crypto
cabal install

Now we install the HDBC driver that allows us to connect to databases:

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/HDBC/2.1.0/HDBC-2.1.0.tar.gz
tar xzvf HDBC-2.1.0.tar.gz
cd HDBC-2.1.0
cabal install

Now we can finally install the turbinado web server via cabal:

cd /usr/local/src
git clone git://github.com/alsonkemp/turbinado-website.git
cd turbinado-website
cabal install

Database setup info (to be added)

We have to hide the HTTP-4000 package:

ghc-pkg hide HTTP-4000.0.4

And now we can run it:

cd /usr/local/src/turbinado-website
turbinado -p 8080
-> this will start turbinado and makes it listen to port 8080

Now you can open the turbinado wesite in your favorite browser:


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